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TEAZEN KOMBUCHA LEMON YUZA BERRY Powder Stick 5g X 30Pcs with Bottle for Diet recommendations

LEMON 10pcs + YUZA 10pcs + BERRY 10pcs
It is a healthy fermented drink containing lactic acid bacteria and prebiotics.
Sugar 0g, 15kcal per glass. Let's drink healthy without worrying about calories!
It is a powder stick type, which is easy to carry and is soluble in cold water.
How to Eat : Drink 1 kombucha stick in 250~500ml of water. (It tastes better if you drink it with carbonated water!)
Made in Korea
**The bottle design can be replaced!!!
(350ml capacity, same function)
Bottle use temperature : -30~+100 degrees Celsius)**

TEAZEN KOMBUCHA LEMON YUZA BERRY Powder Stick 5g X 30Pcs + Bottle Diet BTS

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